Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer gift cards? We do! If you call our lovely customer service team they will be able to sort a gift card out for you. At this time, the gift cards are only redeemable over the phone.

Do you offer promotional codes? There are occasions when we offer promotional codes on our website. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to make sure you're the first to know.

Can you produce a mug featuring any design? The mugs are produced by Royal Worcester and unfortunately, they are unable to produce bespoke designs. However, they do offer a personalisation service for the existing mug designs - you can order your personalised mug here.

I can't see the design I like available as a canvas on your website - is it possible to order different designs from the ones shown? Yes. You will need to contact our lovely customer services team to request your bespoke canvas design. Please make a note of the design you require. There is no additional charge for this.

Can Hannah illustrate my book? Unfortunately due to contracts with other companies and publishers Hannah is unable to license her work out to other writers. We are sorry for any disappointment. 

Do you give donations to charity? We would love to support every charity that approaches us but due to the number of requests we receive, our staff nominate a number of charities that we support each year – you can read more about the charities we have supported here.

Can I use your designs for decoupage? We are happy for people to use our napkins and cards in craft projects if it is for their own personal use. However, we do not allow the sale of decoupage products featuring our designs - this causes a number of issues for us including confusion over whether the products are genuine Wrendale and conflicts with stockists of our brand. This is also stated on the napkin packaging. We are grateful for your cooperation in this matter.

Can Hannah paint personal commissions? Hannah is unable to accept any personal commissions as her time is spent painting new designs for Wrendale - although she would love to be able to paint everyone's pets!

Can any design be produced as a cross stitch? The cross stitch kits are produced by Bothy Threads who select the designs they wish to reproduce based on the best-selling designs in our collections. Unfortunately not every design is available, but they are always working on new designs for release.

Can I use your designs for crafting? Please see our Angel Policy page

Are you bringing out more Welsh tinware? No, this has now been discontinued. 

How do I become a stockist? If you are interested in becoming a stockist please complete the online form here. We welcome all enquiries from prospective stockists and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they are able. 



What are your scarves made from? Our Everyday Scarves are made from 100% soft feel polyester. Winter Scarves are 40% viscose 60% polyester. Multiway Bands are 95% cotton 5% elastane.

Are the cushion covers washable? The covers can be washed inside out at 30 degrees on a delicate cycle.

Are the fibre cushion pads washable? The fibre cushion pads are not suitable for washing as we can not guarantee they will go back to their original shape.

What is your fabric made from? Our fabric by the metre is a lovely blend of 95% cotton and 5% linen.

What rub count is your fabric? The rub count is usually dry 3/4. However it can vary from design to design depending on depth of shade. The fabric is suitable for light domestic furnishings i.e. curtains, cushions, etc. but we would advise against using the fabric for upholstery such as seating.

What is the fabric suitable for? The fabric is suitable for making blinds, curtains, cushions and craft projects. 

What liquid can I put in a Wrendale water bottle? As with most thermal water bottles, they are not suitable for fruit juice, milk or fizzy drink due to the risk of damaging the lining. Please enjoy hot drinks such as tea, coffee or hot chocolate, or alternatively keep your water cool in your bottle.

Do the watches contain nickel? The watches have been fully tested and meet the requirements of the REACH regulations in terms of nickel release.  In addition, they also meet the requirements of EU directives regarding the content of other hazardous substances. 

What are the plush characters made from? Each plush features a variety of high quality fabrics made from polyester, with plastic components for the eyes plus acrylic for the whiskers. 

What paper is in the scrapbook? The paper in our scrapbook is blank inside to allow for creativity with a different illustration in every corner. The paper weight inside is 180gsm, acid free and is sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests.

How many daily pages are in the Feel Good Journal? There are 182 pages for journalling in our feel good journal as well as many other extra pages for quotes, lists, notes and bullet pages.

What is the expiry date of the seeds contained in the seed card range? Please store your seed card in a dry, cool place and out of direct sunlight. The seeds need to be used within 12 months of purchase.



How do you change the ink refill in the pens? To change the refill, hold the nib end of the pen in one hand and the main barrel in the other, then twist and pull apart. The refills are CROSS 8511 and are available from good stationers or online.

How do I hang my canvas? Our canvases do not come with wall fixings, they are hung from the wooden frame on the canvas and are light enough to only need a hook. 

How do I use the paper pot press? Watch the video of how to use our paper pot press on our product page here.



There's rust in my water bottle. The water bottle is manufactured from medical grade stainless steel and should not rust provided they are cleaned and stored correctly. Allow your bottle to dry out fully after cleaning by storing it with the lid off when not in use. Any rust that has appeared due to the bottle being stored in damp or wet conditions should come off with a cloth.

My mug is cracked/ faulty. If you have a faulty item please contact our customer services team either by email or phone 01652 680253,  they can pass this onto Royal Worcester who manufacture our mugs.

Why are the mugs made for right-handed people? Our everyday mugs have a different image on both sides which we hope makes them both unique and also suitable for people using either their right or left hand to drink from them.

How do I clean my stained mug? The porous nature of fine china means that stains can sometimes appear inside mugs or teapots. However, this can be removed by scrubbing with a paste made from bicarbonate of soda and warm water. This can be carried out periodically to prevent build up.

There's staining and marks on placemats and coasters. Any spillage should be cleaned as soon as possible by using a damp, not wet, cloth and drying with a soft cloth straight away. Mats should not be stacked or stored whilst damp. They are not to be used as cutting mats or any activity that will dent, scratch or breach the surface. This may lead to permanent damage, water ingress and staining. 

Tinware is a different shade. We always try our best to ensure the closest match possible but there can be small differences when products are printed in different batches at different times. It is usually a very minor difference that is barely noticeable unless they are scrutinised side by side but we always do our best to eliminate this to within a small tolerance. 

Do you offer replacement watch straps? Unfortunately we don't offer replacement watch straps.



Where are your products made? We put a lot of thought into sourcing our suppliers and our first priority is sourcing in the UK where possible. Our cards are all printed locally using paper milled in the Lake District, our prints are made in the UK, our wallpapers and fabrics are made in the UK and much of our stationery is printed and produced locally. Unfortunately, when it comes to more complex products it is often not possible to produce in the UK due to the cost being far too high to be commercial and in some cases the manufacturing no longer exists in the UK for certain product categories. We have a close relationship with all of our suppliers and go to great lengths to ensure ethical, hand picked partners overseas.

Why do some of your cards/product come unwrapped? As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are eliminating single use plastic packaging from our cards and giftware. Wherever possible we use recyclable materials to package our products. Our greeting cards and stationery are wrapped in biodegradable film made from corn starch which is much better for the environment than regular cellophane and allows us to protect the uncoated textured of the product. Our cards will all be 'naked' in the UK from this July - meaning they will have a card clasp from now on. As of July 2023 all of our greeting cards will come unwrapped as standard for UK customers.

Are your nest boxes safe with the bird illustrations printed on the side? We have consulted with the RSPB and we were assured the illustration wouldn't affect the birds as they do not see in the same way as humans. We also receive a lot of photos from our lovely customers who have birds successfully nesting in our boxes.

Why are your mugs made from bone china? Our mugs are all made from fine bone china and are produced under license by Royal Worcester. We have been assured by Royal Worcester that the material used is a by-product of other industries and is not in any way driving demand for animal products.  

Why are your mugs not made in the UK? Our mugs are produced under license by Royal Worcester and therefore we are not in control of where they are made. We strive to create as much of our product range as possible in the UK as part of our committment to sustainability, but unfortunately in some cases it is not possible to manufacture in the UK and still offer good value to the customer. (Please note that many of our competitors claim that their mugs are made in the UK but they are in fact made overseas and simply decorated in the UK).

Are there real feathers in the cushions? We have opted to use feathers in our cushions as we feel that it is a sustainable choice - fibre filled inners simply add more plastic into the supply chain. The feathers that we use are ethically sourced and are certified by the IDFL (International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory) for collection and processing conditions. They are by-products of the meat industry and would otherwise be incinerated - they are in no way driving demand for animal products. If you would like to know more, please visit the IDFL's website where they go into more detail. We are more than happy to provide a synthetic inner on request if you prefer.



Where do you ship to? We ship to most countries across the world, this can be found on our checkout page. Once you get to the checkout stage, you are able to put in your country. If you are in the USA please make sure you are on our US website. We currently do not ship to Russia.

Why don't you ship to Australia? Unfortunately shipping costs are extremely high to ship to Australia or New Zealand which currently prevents us from shipping to our customers there. This is constantly under review and we would love to offer this in the future if it became possible. 

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